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Buma Contractor implements construction projects, acting in the capacity of a general contractor. We specialize in residential, commercial, industrial buildings and in public utility facilities.

During more than 10 years of our operation, we have constructed facilities of the total surface area of 330 000 square meters. We have gained an enormous experience by constructing modern buildings designed with the use of advanced technological solutions.


As part of its offer, buma contractor provides the following services:


Our most prestigious projects include Quattro Business Park office complex with building FIVE, DOT OFFICE complex, as well as Aleja Pokoju 5 office building. We have also constructed housing estates and developments, to mention only the Osiedle Krakowskie estate, the Osiedle Familijne estate, the Teligi 3 apartment house, the Solna 1 apartment house, the Osiedle Kwiatowa Równina estate, or the Wielicka Apartments. Our completed projects also include retail facilities for the Biedronka chain store.










Buma Contractor employs highly qualified, professional managerial and engineering staff. We carry out all construction works always in compliance with the design documentation, good construction practices, technical knowledge and rules of occupational health and safety. We care for business needs of our clients, and approach all projects on an individual basis.


Construction works performed by us are marked by high quality and timeliness of completion. Caring for the highest quality of services we provide, we have implemented the Quality Management System procedure on the ISO 9001:2015 Standard. The relevant ISO 9002:2015 certificate we have obtained confirms adjusting the execution of buildings and associated infrastructure to applicable requirements.



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