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Przestrzenie Banacha


st. Banacha, Kraków

Completion date

Q IV 2021

Available spaces

36-94 sqm

Number of apartments


Sales Department

Wadowicka 3 st., Kraków

+48 12 290 05 05







Przestrzenie Banacha is a new, well-organized and well-thought living space for inhabitants of Cracow.

An open park, trade and service facilities, a network of integrated running trails, as well as many other attractive solutions, all of this will be established within this housing estate. We designed a place truly reflecting the needs of citizens of Cracow. We invented the concept, that can be shortly described with few keywords:



Przestrzenie Banacha is a well-organized housing estate. Trade and service facilities, convenient roads and an opened park, all of this will be established here. This project reflects the spirit of modern, metropolitan urban planning.



The whole project is implemented under the patronage of the eminent Polish mathematician, Stefan Banach. The Investment will be located next to the street with his name.



A playground for children, activity spaces for teenagers, a running trail, as well as places for meetings and relaxation, all of this will be established within the Przestrzenie Banacha.



The neighbourhood of Banacha street comprises of calm, green and dynamically developing areas. The currently designed tram line to City Centre is a great asset. Its implementation is in progress and a tram stop will be located next to the Investment. The housing estate will be erected on an airy hill.


Przestrzenie Banacha means something more than simple housing.

What makes Przestrzenie Banacha so brilliant?

In funkctional aspects, it comprises of:

Apartments with diversified surface area, adapted to the needs of families and singles.

Functionally and creatively arranged common spaces, guaranteeing more and more possibilities for relaxation and entertainment at each subsequent stage. All of this will jointly make the space complete.

Excellent localisation on a hill. It guarantees beautiful views, contact with nature and good ventilation within the housing estate. It cannot be neglected in Cracow.

The Investment was named after the eminent Cracow mathematician, Stefan Banach, who made great contribution to development of mathematics and quantum physics. Stefan Banach said “mathematics is the most beautiful and the most powerful product of human spirit”. When creating the Przestrzenie Banacha, we wanted to reflect the spirit of ingenious simplicity with the same mathematical precision, making the housing estate a self-sufficient district every day.