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We build friendly Space

The BUMA Group is a group of companies operating in the fields of office and housing projects, property management, as well as provision of general contractor’s services for various projects. Thousands of clients have placed their trust in us. They include both companies, and natural persons, who have considered that these are just our facilities that are worth running a business or living in.


We made our market debut in 1991. Almost thirty years of developer’s business yielded a result in the form of over 2200 apartments, 300 single-family houses, as well as numerous office buildings for lease of the overall surface area of  296 thousand square meters completed and put into use. The most recognizable projects completed by the BUMA Group in Krakow include office complexes – Quattro Business Park with building FIVE, and DOT Office complex, as well as an innovative single-family residential development at Pylna Street and Kamienica Solna apartment house at Solna Street.




Our projects are not only office developments of modern architecture, or residential buildings marked by their functionality and high finish standards. The BUMA Group is also well-known for innovative projects in the field of modular constructions based on the Group’s own Bumati and Free-Dom solutions, completed in, among other places, London, UK.


Behind the success of the BUMA Group is a team of creative people, who for years, acting with passion and involvement, and caring for tiniest detail have been creating unique buildings, not only ensuring the highest quality of their construction but also comfort of use of those buildings. All projects involve the application of technologically advanced solutions, which meet very high standards. Numerous awards and prizes, as well as satisfaction of our clients confirm the Buma Group’s renown in the field of office and housing construction projects.