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First in Poland kinetic facade

Buma Factory can boast the implementation of a unique facade for the prestigious Warsaw Unit investment!

It is one of the tallest buildings in Poland, it is 202 m high. Its 8 floors are covered by the so-called Dragon Skin kinetic facade, designed and made by #BumaFactory. This is the first elevation of this type in our part of Europe. On the area of ​​over 4 thousand. m2 were installed as much as 90 thousand. elements in the form of moving plates. Scales that resemble their appearance give an amazing dragon skin effect. Moved by the slightest gust of wind, they wave creating the impression that the facade of the building is flowing. Moreover, on the entire 46-storey building, Buma Factory made a glass modular facade.

The construction of the #WarsawUnit will be completed this year as planned. The investment is carried out by Ghelamco Poland.