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25th Anniversary of the Buma Group

Source: Krakowski Rynek Nieruchomości

Among property development companies, which have rendered considerable services to the growth of Krakow’s housing construction sector, position held by the Buma Group is of special importance. The company, established 25 years ago by late Jacek Michalski, started its operation in the period, when property development market in Poland was just at the stage of being created. “In the early 1990s, the term ‘property developer’ did not exist, as there were only housing cooperatives operating on the local housing market,” recalls Krzysztof Kuc, President of the Board of the Buma Group. “Buma was one of the precursors of a new trend on the housing market”. During those 25 years, the market has been changing, and so did the requirements of flat buyers. “In the beginning of our operation, the expectations of our clients differed definitely from the present-day ones. The chief objective was then to have a home of one’s own, and only over the course of time clients began to demonstrate greater and greater expectations. Today our clients are more concerned about the standard of common areas in their building, area development, public transport connections, neighbourhood, and many other factors. More and more often they adjust their homes to changes in their private lives – they begint with smaller apartments, then change them for bigger ones, to change them again for smaller ones at the next stage of their lives. A conviction that one buys a single flat for the whole life is vanishing,” observes Krzysztof Kuc. During quarter of a century of its operation, the Buma Group has built more than 2,000 apartments, and 300 single-family houses in Krakow. The recently completed projects include, among others, such undertakings as the Osiedle Krakowskie, the Osiedle Familijne, or the Podgórki Tynieckie housing estates. When preparing its housing offer, a property developer does not confine itself to a narrow group of clients, trying instead to address the needs of a broad range of prospective buyers: both those with tight budgets, and those with deep pockets. “We avoid the so-called substandard projects, which means building flats of inferior quality but we do not invest in the segment of most expensive apartments, either. We are focusing on the widely-conceived centre,” says President Kuc and adds that each and every project is equally important: “We feel concerned to be able to boast about each completed project. It is the clients’ satisfaction that is the measure of our success. The best evidence is that provided by positive opinions issued by our clients not only in the moment they select and buy a home, but also in the course of occupying and using it”. One of the latest projects in the sale portfolio of the Buma Group is the Kamienica Solna tenement. An elegant building located in Plac Bohaterów Getta square houses 53 apartments of diversified surface areas, ranging from the smallest, one-room flats, 29 sq.m. to the biggest, five-room apartments, about 100 sq.m. each. In the basement there is a garage with car parking places and tenants’ sheds. Interesting and functional layouts of flats, high finish standard, and perfect location – in the vicinity of the Vistula Boulevards, the Cricoteka museum, the vibrant former Jewish district of Kazimierz, and a distance of as little as 2 km from the Main Market Square – all that make Kamienica Solna a project, which can satisfy expectations of more demanding clients. Business activities of the Buma Group do not limit themselves to constructing flats only. The company has put into use more than 150,000 sq.m. of modern office space, which has for years been ensuring it an unquestionable position of a leader. The most important, completed office projects of the Buma Group include Buma Square, Business Park, Onyx, Rondo Business Park, Green Office, Quattro Business Park, Aleja Pokoju 5, and DOT Office developments. One of the companies within the Group is Buma Contrac¬tor, a company which, acting as a general contractor, carries out extensive works relating to the construction of flats, as well as office and commercial space. Buma Contractor has a long-standing experience and permanent staff, which guarantee high quality and promptness of the works completed by the company. Another company within the Buma Group, Buma Factory, is one of the largest contractors for facades nationwide, operating not only in Poland but also in other European countries. The Buma Group, which is made up of a team of companies operating in the sectors of office, housing, and property management projects, as well as acting as general contractors for facades and construction projects has several times been rewarded and awarded for its achievements, to mention only the year 2010, when the Zaułek Onyx housing estate classified among 10 best examples of modern architecture in a poll organized by a web portal www.bryla.p1, or the year 2011, in which the company won the 28th position among Central and East European companies in CIJ Top 50 Office Developers in CEE 2000-2010 competition. In 2012, the Green Office complex was recognized to be one of the best office projects in CIJ Journal: Top Project 2011 ranking. In the same year, Buma Service, being another company from the Group, was awarded a special mention in the Business Rockets competition for the most effective companies, while in 2015 Building D of the Qu¬attro Business Park Complex won the poll titled “Krakow: My Home” in the category of “Commercial Buildings 2015”.